Anna McIntyre – BJM Digital, Melbourne

Marisa is wonderful! Making financial decisions in our business used to be a guessing game. Marisa has empowered me to better understand cash flow, forecasting, Xero reports and more. I feel like a blindfold has been removed and I can see the financial position of our business clearly – I can now make educated decisions and feel confident with them rather than hoping and worrying.

Baxter & Kat – Mornington Peninsula

I feel so much clearer now on what the numbers mean, and more confident to make timely decisions, not to mention relieved this is finally being given the attention it deserves!

Belle Donaghey – American Doughnut Kitchen, Melbourne

I started working with Marisa as an Entourage Elevate member to get a deeper understanding of our numbers and in the most efficient way.

Our business cash flow is really healthy, but that can breed complacency, so getting fresh eyes on how I could improve on existing habits was key. I now know which reports to be running and when and what to look for. Being able to run the right reports at the right time and know how to make decisions based on that data going forward has boosted my financial confidence.

Marisa is a joy to work with, and delivered a holistic approach which was really beneficial. It wasn’t all about the numbers which was refreshing. I love the way we mapped out goals at the beginning and circled back to those at the end of our program to maintain accountability.

I would recommend Marisa to anyone who wants to get a better grasp on their numbers and understand the ‘why’ behind it in a way that won’t put you to sleep!

Lana Kruger – MEGNA Group of Companies, Brisbane

Before I started working with Marisa, I had limited knowledge in understanding and reading financial reports. Any business owner knows that financials are crucial to the success of a business, yet my background was sales and not finance.

I felt as though I was navigating through uncharted waters and also vulnerable about making decisions about the future of my business.

The results from working with Marisa were amazing! It has created a new found level of confidence in myself and I take comfort in the fact that I now make informed, financial decisions.

I loved how knowledgeable Marisa was and also the fact that she delivered the tools and info in such a “user friendly” way. I would definitely recommend her services to others because they will learn so much of what is crucial to their businesses. The amount of value any business gains from working with Marisa is incredible.

Anyone who is not from a finance background in their careers, should definitely work with Marisa to learn the fundamentals of finance. I would almost go as far to say that her training is a MUST for anyone wanting to run a successful & profitable business.

Marisa is an incredible, patient and knowledgeable coach who even taught me valuable life lessons along with finance, during our sessions. She is an amazing human.

Caitlin McCormack – Melbourne

Marisa was absolutely wonderful to work with! Her insights, warmth and creative strategic thinking inspired me to think beyond the limitations of my current situation.

She transformed my confidence and turned what seemed impossible into a reality! I highly recommend Marisa!

Helen Joy Butler – Intuitive Professional Organiser, Elemental Space Clearer, Brisbane

I was on a retreat where Marisa ran a money workshop. It was completely different to any other money workshop I’ve been to!

Marisa’s gentle approach in asking questions to really get to the bottom of the money challenges I had was incredible. I am absolutely in love with the affirmation Marisa helped me create – I smile every time I say it because it brings me so much joy!

Mark Gradidge – Gold Coast

Marisa has been no short of amazing!

Before I started working with her I was feeling depressed and in a downward spiral with no hope. I had tried financial counselling before however I found that this was only aimed around how to create budgets and didn’t really solve the main problem.

After my initial session with Marisa I was able to see where my problems stemmed from and had a clear vision and direction like never before.

The best part about working with Marisa is her warm and caring nature. I was very comfortable opening up to her and I have been able to make positive changes moving forward.

Annie Kallis – Relationships Architect, Melbourne

Before working with Marisa I was floating around wondering where I was going but now I feel excited and have direction! Marisa is not just about finance but about the person and their finances.

She has this amazing demeanour and put me at ease straight away. Marisa worked with me to find solutions and directed me without taking over – she allowed me to be me. I now know how important it is to change my money habits and create new ones and also to have someone like Marisa to make me accountable.

I highly recommend Marisa if you need help strategizing your money and looking at how you are going to get to where you want to go.

Janine & David – Melbourne

Marisa helped us, as a new couple, create a plan to manage our combined finances. She made the whole process so easy and calm and we were able to avoid potentially embarrassing and emotional discussions.

The end result, a year later, is a very happy home in which we have our household finances in order! We are saving, have an emergency fund and even managed to go on an overseas holiday. I highly recommend Marisa!!

L.Lee FIFO – Mine worker, Melbourne

I have been seeing Marisa now for 3 months and to say I am thrilled with the results is an understatement.

In the past I never budgeted, had no idea where my money was going and in turn was not saving. The frustration and anxiety of having no control over my finances was a constant stress in my life.

I am now in a position of knowing exactly where my money is going. I have a budget that is surprisingly easy to stick to and I am now seeing my savings grow.

I cannot thank Marisa enough for her understanding, support and guidance and highly recommend her services.

Jonnie Cass, International Speaker and Coach, Sydney

I’ve always worked hard and earned great money yet never really put much energy into managing it properly.

When I first came to Marisa I was happily spending but knew it was time to take control of my finances and strat to create financial freedom.

Marisa has helped me change my mindset around money and put in some solid strategies to grow my wealth.

I feel relieved and excited - I wish I had seen her earlier!!

Alan Stevens - International Profiling and Communications Specialist, Newcastle

I suggest to anybody who is wanting to grow their business and get their head around how to bring that together that they get in touch with Marisa. She was fantastic and able to help me find that direction and keep on track!

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