I Can Help You with Your Cash Flow

Hi, my name is Marisa Punshon ~ I am a Business and Personal Cash Flow Strategist and Xero Expert. Helping people make, manage and multiply their money so they can have a better life is something I am incredibly passionate about.

I work with people to create a business cash flow plan and also help them with their personal money management. By providing the tools, strategies and mindset I support them in transforming their finances and feel secure about their future.

The combination of Accounting (Dip Accounting) and Life Coaching (Life Mastery Institute, USA) qualifications, blended with my extensive experience in Xero financial software consulting, enables me to offer a unique fusion of skills to my clients. My work with business owners helps them manage and increase their business and personal finances and reduce worry over money.

On a personal note… I’m a mum of two, lover of travel and Inferno Pilates. I adore dogs, a great coffee, having a good laugh and to dance like nobody’s watching (PS – this is only a recent phenomena! I’m getting older and have come to realise that looking like a crazy person on the dance floor is really not worth worrying about)


I change drama into order, mess into plan, dreams into manifestation.

Master Your Finances

I tend to work with people who are willing to delve deeper and deal with what’s holding them back. It can be an emotional journey to get to the real reason why you haven’t created wealth for yourself.

I care about my clients, and when you work with me you will always get a gentle and insightful approach. I create a safe space to find out why you are in your current position and to help you set a plan. The vision and plan that we work out together becomes a safe journey and the skills you learn will serve you for life.

You will begin to pay down debt and create wealth. Your patterns become visible to you and we overcome them. You become confident to create the wealth you deserve, with a healthy and sustainable relationship with money.

The results I get for my clients are so satisfying for us both. One man recently found $4,000 per month to redirect to wealth investment. Another, at the age of 54, is saving a deposit for his first ever home. I’ve supported a third person to move from feeling hopeless in a downward spiral to finally having a vision and direction he had never experienced before.

Are you struggling with your money mindset?