Forgive Yourself Money Mistakes

Forgive Yourself For Past Money Mistakes And Free Your Debt

You can blame your parents, religion, the banks, marketers and exaggerated lifestyles portrayed on social media but ultimately YOU made the decision to spend the money and get into debt. Ouch!

When you realize that you are actually the perpetrator, rather than the victim of your money problems, you can become overwhelmed by guilt. At this point entering into emotional overload occurs, swiftly moving from remorse to anger to shame and finally despair. The danger here is to become immobilized and depressed (and then spend money to make yourself feel better!) This will only keep you trapped in the cycle of debt that you want so desperately to break free from.

If you can relate to this, here are 4 ways to help you forgive yourself for your money mistakes and set yourself free from debt.

Accept Responsibility For Your Past Choices

Choices were made and consequences occurred…it’s now time to pick up the pieces and take a step forward. Financial guilt is potent and keeps you trapped. You may have made mistakes but being in debt does not make you unworthy of financial freedom or a bad person. By accepting responsibility you are ultimately putting yourself back in control.


Ask For Help

Part of accepting responsibility is to take action to solve the problem. Revealing your financial debt to someone else may initially seem embarrassing, but feel proud that you asked for help. You may be surprised how many people are in the same situation but put their head in the sand hoping it will magically get better. Seeking support from a professional will help you get out of debt sooner, prevent you from slipping back into old habits and fast track your journey to financial freedom.


Become Financially Savvy

You may not have been taught how to be financially literate but there is no reason why you can’t start now. Without doubt, managing your money is fundamental to creating the life you truly want minus the debt or guilt.

Financial knowhow will enable you to be aware of the consequence of your financial behaviors. You will be conscious of how certain spending or savings patterns either slow or stop you from reaching financial freedom or help you get there faster – this is a powerful awareness.


Release Your Past Money Mistakes

By releasing our money mistakes we are shifting our focus and energy to the future and not allowing it to be trapped in the past. Review and assess your past mistakes and identify any behavioral patterns that need to be changed. If you move back into guilt and shame, remind yourself of the changes you have already made. The process of releasing your past mistakes is not an easy one, it will take time and commitment but you will be surprised how much lighter you feel once the weight of your past begins to shift.


A Final Note

You may encounter a few potholes on the road to financial freedom, however don’t let them distract you from reaching your destination. Review your progress, maintain accountability to yourself and your family and acknowledge your success. Most importantly be proud of the decision you made to change your life and person you have become on the journey.


If this has struck a cord then please get in touch. I’d love to see if I can help you get back on track. For some brilliant money mindset hacks that you can implement immediately download  Reset Your Money Blueprint – 7 Step Plan.

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