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4 Steps to Close Your Abundance Gap and Reach Your Vision Sooner

As an entrepreneur the abundance gap between where you are now and where you want to be can seem miles apart. As you face challenges and hurdles it’s common to get weighed down by worry and fear, which in turn, slows progress and makes the gap appear even larger. If you feel this way then there are a few simple steps you can take that will jumpstart your journey and move you closer to living the life you want.


Step 1 – Clearly Define Your Vision

The vast majority of entrepreneurs have a fairly rough idea of defining what they really want in life but only a few have a clear definition. By completely immersing yourself into designing exactly what you want you will be able to feel whether it is right for you and if it is a real vision or simply a worthy goal. Write down your vision and ask yourself whether it excites you and if is in line with your core values. Clearly define how much money you earn, what your finances look like, how you will spend your time, where you live and how you feel. Remember to visualize this as though it is already happening.


Step 2 – Move On From The Past

Mary Morrissey, world renowned motivational speaker and author, wisely said ‘.. .what we perceive as failure is actually information – it’s feedback’. Instead of focusing on past ‘failures’ recognize the lessons you learnt from them. If you made bad decisions previously identify what you could have done to achieve a different outcome. For example, if you have always impulsively shopped using your credit card and are struggling to pay it off then set up a plan to live within a budget and pay off your debt. See budgeting as being not a hindrance but as a means of creating freedom! It’s amazing how empowering it is to switch your mindset from seeing failures as breakthroughs.


Step 3 – Design A Plan of Action

This is a powerful part of the journey. It’s important to have a vision but unless you have a solid plan with measurable goals and milestones you won’t move forward. Remember, a plan without action is just a dream! Dedicate time to setting goals, write them down, break them into milestones and review them weekly, if not daily. If your vision is to live debt free with income generating assets your plan should include actions such as living within a budget that enables you to pay down debt and build savings to invest into creating wealth. Setting measurable goals like having a certain amount of savings or specific debts paid off by particular dates will keep you moving forward. This plan of action is your roadmap to help you reach your final destination.


Step 4 – Train Your Mind

The entrepreneurial journey can be challenging for your self worth and esteem! You will be challenged to face emotions and fears that you have possibly, up till now, managed to avoid. Be aware of old limiting beliefs that surface – these may include believing you are not smart enough to succeed or worthy enough to live the life you truly desire. Maintaining a positive mindset at this time is pivotal and will help prevent stagnation. Surround yourself with positive and empowering people, dedicate time to meditation, listen to inspirational stories of other entrepreneurs and look for the lessons in the activities that haven’t worked.


By choosing to be entrepreneurs we have ultimately decided to live our life by design rather than default – to create a vision and dedicate time and energy to achieving it. The gap between where we are now and where we want to be can be reduced. Rise to the challenge and remember if it were easy then everyone would do it!

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